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Rebel Music Collective and Nation Entertainment Present: Lo End Theory…

“Kane always has this serious mindset … but at the end of the day you gotta have someone like that, (someone) that always keep things on track. You know, so we all just work perfectly together,” Charles Tyler says in Episode 2 of the Lo Village docuseries, the “Lo End Theory”.

The second installment of the “Lo End Theory,” a docuseries produced by Emeka Nwakibu, owner of Nation Entertainment, premiered today, Wednesday, May 29, on the Lo Village YouTube Channel. While Episode 1 dove into the group’s trip to New York City for a performance, Episode 2 shows viewers exclusive behind the scenes shots of the making of their latest single “Souvenirs.”

During this episode, fans can also preview unreleased music coupled with a brief lyrical breakdown by the LV clan.

Catch up on the first two episodes here.

While exploring the making of “Souvenirs,” the idea behind the song, music video, and overall vibe, Episode 2 of the Lo End Theory also gives viewers a special look at each member’s personality and role in the group. Tune into the Lo Village YouTube channel tomorrow to check it out.

Behind the Docuseries

The 1991 release of ‘The Low End Theory’ by A Tribe Called Quest has heavily influenced Rebel Music Collective and Lo Village. The title of the Lo Village docuseries is a play on words, but also is an ode to Tribe that pays respect and homage to artists that have had an enormous impact on Lo Village’s own music.

Local videographer and close friend of the group, Emeka Nwakibu, creator of Nation Entertainment and Good in Any Hood, produces the videos for Rebel Music Collective in collaboration with videos taken by Benny Harps, owner of Napizum Magazine. Both Nwakibu and Harps work closely with Rebel Music Collective, bringing to light the talent the DMV area holds.

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Published at Wed, 29 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000

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