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Empowered Eyewear Announces Official Launch Of Interchangeable Frame…

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Empowered Eyewear has ushered in a new era of fashionable, affordable, and personalized eyewear with the official launch today of their eyewear line, which utilizes the latest in interchangeable frame technology. Creating a whole new sector of the eyewear industry, Empowered Eyewear is a fully patented line of interchangeable frames that combines high fashion, innovative technology, and never-seen-before functionality all at an affordable price.

For the very first time, eyeglass wearers can use this interchangeable frame technology to easily and quickly change their prescription lenses into one of the eight frame colors and four available frame styles. Embracing the consumer trend of fashion and personalization, Empowered Eyewear’s consumers can head to work with their lenses in a black frame then change those same lenses into a colored frame for a night out on the town. Or a consumer can keep the same frame and change from prescription glasses to sunglasses with a simple swap of the lenses.

Empowered Eyewear was founded by Sean McGinley and Joe Flinn, two entrepreneurs who used personal experience to create the company. The simple yet amazing concept was inspired by Sean’s daughter and her frustrating eyeglasses shopping experience. While shopping for new frames, his daughter spent nearly three hours comparing multiple styles and colors that were included within their annual insurance allowance. She ended up settling on a neutral frame, not a favorite, as she was limited to picking only one style and color and needed a pair that could work with the majority of her wardrobe. She wished she could have more options to tailor her glasses to her different outfits. As a result, Sean McGinley partnered with his good friend and business colleague Joe Flinn to start Empowered Eyewear. Together, they created a line of frames that are interchangeable, durable, affordable, and fashionable.

“Settling when it comes to eyewear is unfortunately more common than you think,” explains Sean McGinley, Cofounder of Empowered Eyewear. “When we started Empowered Eyewear, we soon came to realize that people like options, they don’t want to decide on just one pair of glasses to wear. We are excited for the world to finally have quality, fashionable, and affordable eyewear options to choose from. Our patented system will change the eyewear industry as we know it.”

The interchangeable frame technology works with a simple Lift, Switch, and Click. Lift the removable horizontal Klix® Bar from the rear of the frame and the lenses will slide out. Then, pick the frame color of your choice and Switch your lenses into that frame. Click your lenses in place and you’re ready to go. With Empowered Eyewear you can now own and utilize multiple frames with a single set of prescription lenses. Empowered Eyewear uses plant-based cellulose acetate frames, which are sturdy, lightweight, flexible, and hypoallergenic. The patented Klix Bar features neodymium magnets, allowing for a strong hold as well as a quick release to easily change your frames.

“Nobody in the business is offering what Empowered Eyewear does for consumers,” adds Joe Flinn, Cofounder of Empowered Eyewear. “Our eyewear utilizes disruptive technology that cannot be compared to anything else on the market today – truly revolutionizing a large and growing industry.”

Empowered Eyewear has developed four luxury frame styles, featuring elegant Italian craftsmanship, including, Strength, Power, Confidence, and Worthy. Lenses available include, Rx, Sun, and Anti-Blue Light which are all interchangeable within a single frame style. Add-on features include Progressive and Light-Adaptive Lenses. The Empowered Eyewear line is available now on starting at the suggested retail price of $95 per frame. As a special introductory deal, Empowered Eyewear is offering two frames of the same style, a three slot frame organizer, a hard frame case, lens cleaner and a lens cloth. In addition, for every product sold, Empowered Eyewear will donate a percentage to the Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation.

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Published at Mon, 17 Jun 2019 00:00:00 +0000

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